The White Donkey

Officially on the Commandant's Reading List. Released in 2016, The White Donkey: Terminal Lance is the story of Abe and his surreal deployment to Iraq. 

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Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus

Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus

Released in 2018, the Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus is a collection of over 700 Terminal Lance comics featured on and the Marine Corps Times newspaper. The ultimate TL collector’s item!

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Coloring for Marines

Grab your crayons, Marines!*

Coloring for Marines is a coloring and activity book for Marines! Whether you're stuck on duty, bored on post, or just standing by to stand by, you're sure to find some much-needed relief in this biting satire of Marine Corps life.

*Crayons are for coloring, not eating.

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The Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps (E-Book)

Released in 2019 as an E-Book, the Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps is an expansive encyclopedia of the creatures and critters that inhabit the Marine Corps. This full-color, fully illustrated player's handbook is essential to any Marine Corps adventurer.

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